Mesolithic living scene

Mesolithic Social life and Art

New way of hunting wild animals’ and new hunting weapons conditioned frequent movements of...
Neolithic stone tools

Neolithic – New Stone age

The Neolithic Age is the second phase of Holocene geological epoch. It dates from...

Ancient History

Example of Hyksos Warriors

Horse in Ancient Egypt

The horse is not native to ancient Egyptians and the exact date of its...
Confucius statue and template photographed by Jan Kunst.

Brief facts about Chinese philosophical courses

Kung Fu Tzu, or Confucius (551 – 479), lived during Spring and Autumn period...

Medieval history

The page of Codex Manesse (from beginning of the XIV century) showing Wolfram von Eschenbach and his squire.

Role of a Squire in the Middle Ages

The squire was a young servant to a knight and someone who one day...
Migrations of the Visigoths and Ostrogoths

Beginning of Visigoths migration (4th century AD)

The Visigoths were a part of the Gothic tribe; they left Scandinavia and settled...

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