Examples of cranial trauma identified in the mass grave.

Mass grave from neolithic period near province Hessen (Germany) reveals collective violence

Conflict and warfare are central but also disputed themes in discussions about the European Neolithic. Although a few recent population studies provide broad overviews, only a very limited number of currently known key sites provide precise insights...
Theory of evolution

Theories about the origin and evolution of Humans

When it comes to the origin and development of man, there are two opposite opinions. One opinion is scientific and other is religious. Science argues that the oldest man is not created in the form and perfection...

Ancient history

Ruins of Ephesus

Ancient Greek tribes

Hellenes were divided into tribes: the Ionians, the Aeolians and the Dorians while special mentioned were the Acheans. According to the myth, Hellen (the ancestor) had 3 sons: Aeolus, Xuthus, and Dorus. Xuthus had two sons, Achaeus and Ion. Ionians lived in Attica, Euboea and the Cycladic islands...

Medieval history

The page of Codex Manesse (from beginning of the XIV century) showing Wolfram von Eschenbach and his squire.

The role of a Squire in the Middle Ages

The squire was a young servant to a knight and someone who one day hoped to become a knight himself. The job of squire was almost like that of...

Everyday Life in the Middle Ages (short facts)

Europe experienced a transformation after the fall of the Roman Empire. This transformation was influenced by Roman culture, Germanic-barbarian culture, and early Christianity. Although daily life varied from region...

The fall of the Carolingian Empire

After the death of Charlemagne (Charles the Great) in 814 AD the Frankish Empire was faced with serious issues. The Arab conquest has made the Navy sailing dangerous and...

The Knight and Medieval Jousting

The medieval tournament is one of the enduring images of the Middle Ages, with knights fighting to impress beautiful and unattainable ladies. In reality, jousting was a dangerous sport...

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