The Palace of Knossos from the old postcard

Ancient Crete & Minoan Civilization

The Minoan civilization was named after the Greek mythical figure of King Minos, ruler...
Reconstruction of neolithic dugout shelter.

Economic transformation in the Neolithic period

Neolithic people, thanks to the mental strength, inventiveness and skill gradually adopted a new...

Ancient History

Interpretation of Cicero speech in senate against Catiline. Fresco in Madam Palace by Maccari, César

Conspiracy of Lucius Sergius Catilina in Roman Republic

The main goal of conspiracy during 60s BC was attempt to obtain the highest...
Akkadian Empire

Akkadian empire (2400-2007 BC)

Sumerian cities were fighting war very frequently among themselves, but none managed to achieve...

Medieval history

Clovis in the battle of Tolbiac by painter Ary Scheffer 19 century

Franks and Merovingian dynasty (450-511 AD)

The Franks were a Germanic tribe; their ancient homeland was located around the western...
Medieval Schoolmaster & Students (14thC France)

Medieval English Books for Children: Reading to Succeed

Many parents in medieval England were as concerned about teaching their children to read...

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