Examples of cranial trauma identified in the mass grave.

Mass grave from neolithic period near province Hessen (Germany) reveals collective...

Conflict and warfare are central but also disputed themes in discussions about the European...
Example of living in Old stone age (Zdenek Burian)

Paleolithic – Old stone age

Palaeolithic, paleolithic (Greek: palaios-old and lithos-stone) or Old Stone Age   was period that fully...

Ancient History

Ruins of Byrsa, Carthaginian Citadel

Third Punic War (149–146 BC)

In political terms after the end of Second Punic War, Carthage turned into a...
Diocletian palace in Split (Croatia)

The policy of Diocletian in Roman Empire (284-305 AD)

In 284 AD, the army proclaimed Gaius Valerius Aurelius Diocletian (284 – 305 AD)...

Medieval history

Cathars or Albigensians in Middle Ages

The term Cathars comes from Greek word katharoi which means the pure ones. Cathars were...

Making a Women’s Manuscript: Medieval Women and their Books II

Although many manuscripts survive from the Middle Ages, there are comparatively few that reveal...

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