Flora and fauna in Quaternary period

Natural conditions during the period of human appearance

In order to understand fully the physical world that humanity has inherited, we need...
Spreading prehistoric humans. Map:

Natural environment and human experience in prehistoric America

The presence of human beings in America begins almost 25.000 years ago. It was...

Ancient History

Peloponnesian League and Second Athens league around 377-355 BC

Spartan hegemony (404-371 B.C) after the Peloponnesian War

After the spartan king Lysander defeated Athenian fleet at the naval Battle of Aegospotami...
Example of the ritual-scene in Book of Dead

Short facts about Egyptian Book of the Dead

Book of Coming Forth by Day, or what we call The Egyptian Book of...

Medieval history

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The total surface area of Cathedral within interior an exterior is 5,500 m². Photo credited by Michael Streich

Gothic cathedrals

The rise of the Gothic form began in the mid 12th century. Gothic cathedrals, often...
Reconstruction of the Viking village in Hadeby (Denmark)

The Different Levels of Viking Society

Viking society had several different tiers, ranging from the king, through to powerless slaves....

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