Dogu figurine from Jomon period - Tokyo National Museum

Jomon culture (Prehistoric Japan)

Humans had lived in Japan from about 30,000 B.C. Japan was not always an...
carving in stone example

Art and religion of Neolithic period

During the Neolithic period, there was a big turning point in the field of...

Ancient History

Bust of Hannibal discovered in Capua

Briefly about the conflict between Hannibal and Romans

Carthage was founded in 814 B.C. and is was one of the leading trading...
Example of Hyksos Warriors

Hyksos rule over Egypt (1.650 – 1.550 B.C)

Historians thought that the Hyksos were coming to Egypt during a long period and...
The statue known as the Augustus of Prima Porta

Octavian Augustus reign in Roman Empire (27 BC – 14 AD)...

When Octavian Augustus (Gaius Octavius) in 29 BC, returned from Egypt to Rome, his...
Persian empire around 500 BC

First Persian period of Egypt (525. – 404.)

Twenty seventh-dynasty (First Egyptian Satrapy) Cambyses (525. – 522.) After Greek mercenaries left Psamtik III, the...

Medieval history

Carolingian Dynasty (714-768)

Charles Martel (714 – 741) Pepin of Herstal died in 714 after uniting the Frankish...
Ruins of The Abbey of St Bertin.

Forbidden Fruit: Male-Female Relations in the Medieval Cloister

Medieval monks and nuns lived by rules that demanded three vows: chastity, obedience and...
Page from Anglo-Saxon-Chronicle

Anglo-Saxon Chronicles

English monks began the manuscripts that comprise the Chronicles during the reign of King...

What are Medieval Manuscripts?

Strictly speaking, any handwritten document is a manuscript – the Latin manuscriptus literally means...

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