Skull of Homo habilis

Brain size of the prehistoric humans

Intelligence is very roughly correlatable with brain size. As humans evolved, brain size increased...
Neolithic stone tools

Neolithic – New Stone age

The Neolithic Age is the second phase of Holocene geological epoch. It dates from...

Ancient History

Scribe palette of the chancellor Orkaukhety, with the cartouche of Merikare.Picture from:

First Intermediate period of Egypt (2.181 – 2.055 B.C)

Exact reasons for the end of the Old Kingdom are not familiar. It is...
Part of a statue depicting Ramses I as a scribe during the reign of Horemheb.

New Kingdom – The Ramesside Period

NINETEENTH DYNASTY (1295 - 1186 B.C) The real founder of the 19th dynasty was general...

Medieval history

Pope Boniface VIII consulting his cardinals (manuscript from 14 century)

Historical Basis of Church Structure and Hierarchy in the Middle Ages

The Church in the Middle Ages forged a context to preserve integrity and structure....
Illustration of medieval communication by Jacobus da Varagine (13th century)

Communication in Medieval Times: How Messages Were Sent

Prior to medieval times, there were several sophisticated methods of message dissemination, including the...

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