Spreading prehistoric humans. Map:

Natural environment and human experience in prehistoric America

The presence of human beings in America begins almost 25.000 years ago. It was...
Mesolithic living scene

Mesolithic Social life and Art

New way of hunting wild animals’ and new hunting weapons conditioned frequent movements of...

Ancient History

Map of Gallia (Gaul)

Caesar’s wars in Gaul 58 – 56 BC

Political relations between Gaius Julius Caesar and Publius Clodius in Rome In 62 BC, during...
Flavian Colosseum

Short facts about Flavian dynasty in Roman Empire (69 – 96...

The Roman army had played a significant role in the struggle for power after...

Medieval history

Map of Germanic tribes in 480 AD created by Thomas Lessman

Ostrogoths prior to their arrival in Italy

The Ostrogothic king Hermanarich (also Ermanaric 350 – 375 AD) formed a tribal alliance...
Thomb of Clovis in the Basilica of St Denis (Paris)

Social system and rule under the Merovingians

The king was the ruler of the state and kingship was elective, but the...

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