Paleolithic living scene

Language and Spiritual culture in Old stone age

A development of the human spirit, especially in the Middle Paleolithic, contributed to the...
Reconstruction of neolithic dugout shelter.

Economic transformation in the Neolithic period

Neolithic people, thanks to the mental strength, inventiveness and skill gradually adopted a new...

Ancient History

Temple of Mut. Photo by

Art and architecture of the Egypt New Kingdom

In this period, the construction of a pyramid has become uneconomic. Pharaoh's power over...
Map of Gallia (Gaul)

Caesar’s wars in Gaul 58 – 56 BC

Political relations between Gaius Julius Caesar and Publius Clodius in Rome In 62 BC, during...

Medieval history

Replica of the Norman village.

Life in England at the Time of the Norman Conquest

The Norman Conquest brought huge changes for the ruling and landowning classes of medieval...
Illustration showing Alaric in Athens 397 AD by Ludwig Thiersch from the book "Great men and famous women" 1894.

Alaric I (395-410) the first King of the Visigoths

Alaric descended from the aristocratic Balti dynasty. He gained his military abilities at the...

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