Reconstruction of neolithic dugout shelter.

Economic transformation in the Neolithic period

Neolithic people, thanks to the mental strength, inventiveness and skill gradually adopted a new...
Example of hunting in Old stone age

Prehistoric cultures in American continent

It is known that major migrations of prehistoric humans across Beringia may have begun...

Ancient History

Relief made in bronze showing Constantine I and his Edict of Milan by artist Arrigo Minerbi 1948. Location: Milan Cathedral, first left door.

Roman emperor Constantine I and his policy towards Christianity

Diocletian tetrarchy and peaceful transfer of power after his withdrawal from Roman throne did...
Nefertiti bust. Collection of Egyptian museum Berlin

Queen Nefertiti of Egypt

Nefertiti rose from obscurity to become the wife of a pharoah, co-founder of a...

Medieval history

Belisarius-Byzantine general during the reign of Justinian

The Byzantine Emperor Justinian (527-565) restored the Byzantine Empire to greatness. However, the emperor had...
Paint represent assassination of Alboin, King of the Lombards by artist Charles Landseer (1799–1879).

Lombards (5-7th century)

The Lombards or Langobards were an Eastern Germanic tribe. Their presence was in southern...

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