Engraving hunting Scene of deers in Valcamonica Valley. Foto: Luca Giarelli

Valcamonica, Camunian prehistoric culture

In the Camonica Valley above the lake Garda at the eastern Lombardy in Italy...
The Palace of Knossos from the old postcard

Ancient Crete & Minoan Civilization

The Minoan civilization was named after the Greek mythical figure of King Minos, ruler...

Ancient History

The-Scene-of gladiator-fight-Jean-Leon_Gerome_Pollice_Verso

Gladiators in Ancient Rome

The term gladiator came from the Latin word gladius for the Short Sword used...
Bust of Hannibal discovered in Capua

Hannibal’s Invasion of Italy

Leaving Spain in 218 BC, Carthaginian general Hannibal led a formidable army over the...

Medieval history

Statue of Otto I in Meissen Cathedral )or Church of St John and St Donatus) in Saxony.

Saxon dynasty in Medieval Germany

During the period of dissolution of the Carolingian Empire and after agreement in Verdun 843, Carolingian Empire...
Edmund II Ironside and Cnut the Great

Cnut the Great as King of England (1016-1035)

Cnut, or Canute, was the first Danish King of all England (1016-1035). Cnut was...

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