Reconstruction of neolithic dugout shelter.

Economic transformation in the Neolithic period

Neolithic people, thanks to the mental strength, inventiveness and skill gradually adopted a new...
Example of living in Old Stone Age

Social relations in the Paleolithic period

The knowledge of the Palaeolithic social organization, especially Upper and Middle Palaeolithic are very...

Ancient History

Athens Acropolis (Citadel)

Athens pentecontaetia

It was a fifty-year period between the Greco-Persian and Peloponnesian wars. In this period,...
Replica of the Phoenician ship. Image source:

Economy of Phoenicia and organization of government

Phoenicians were engaged in livestock breeding and agriculture. They created a system of terraced...

Medieval history

Statue of Otto I in Meissen Cathedral )or Church of St John and St Donatus) in Saxony.

Saxon dynasty in Medieval Germany

During the period of dissolution of the Carolingian Empire and after agreement in Verdun 843, Carolingian Empire...

Fall of the Carolingian Empire

After the death of Charlemagne (Charles the Great) in 814 AD the Frankish Empire...

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