The Palace of Knossos from the old postcard

Ancient Crete & Minoan Civilization

The Minoan civilization was named after the Greek mythical figure of King Minos, ruler...
Example of hunting in Old stone age

Prehistoric cultures in American continent

It is known that major migrations of prehistoric humans across Beringia may have begun...

Ancient History

Yellow River

The beginnings and development of the early ancient China

As in Egypt (Nile River), Mesopotamia (Euphrates and Tigris), and along the Indus River,...
Map of Third servile war in Roman republic. Source of map:

Third Servile War in Roman Republic 73-71BC (Spartacus rebellion)

The largest Servile War started (after First and Second uprising of slaves)  simultaneously with...

Medieval history

Statue of Luivigild in Madrid. Photograph: Luis Garcia

The Visigoths in Hispania, Kingdom of Toledo (555-633 AD)

The Visigoths were mostly pushed out of Gaul by the mid-6th century, and their...

How Medieval European cities started to develop?

Compare to living in the villages, citizens in cities during the period of Middle...

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