Theory of evolution

Theories about the origin and evolution of Humans

When it comes to the origin and development of man, there are two opposite opinions. One opinion is scientific and other is religious. Science argues that the oldest man is not created in the form and perfection...
Heated stone tools and weapons from prehistoric period. Source PLOS ONE

Stone processing with heating technique in prehistoric period

During the recently research about producing tools and weapons in the Upper Paleolithic and Middle stone age  scientist concluded that prehistoric humans around 65.000 years before present use fire to heat stone in order to easily obtain blades....

Ancient history

Dipylon Oinchoe inscription. One of the oldest known examples of the Greek alphabet around 750 B.C.

The letter of the ancient Greeks

From 1900th to 1600th BC pictogram or the hieroglyphic writing was used. Linear A has been used since 1700th to 1400th, and Linear B from 1400th to 1300th BC. (both of them are syllabic or alphabet letter). They were partly decoded by Alice Kober, Michael Ventris and...

Medieval history

Illustration of medieval communication by Jacobus da Varagine (13th century)

Communication in Medieval Times: How Messages Were Sent

Prior to medieval times, there were several sophisticated methods of message dissemination, including the messenger systems of the Persian Empire, and the relay-runner system of the Inca state. When...
Women and Romances: Medieval Lady Presenting Helmet to Knight

Women and Romances: Medieval Women and their Books

With its intertwined episodes and challenging hurdles, romance literature of the Middle Ages gave birth to modern romance novels, but it was not exactly the same genre. For one,...
Medieval Schoolmaster & Students (14thC France)

Medieval English Books for Children: Reading to Succeed

Many parents in medieval England were as concerned about teaching their children to read and write as parents are today. Literacy was not as common as it is in...
Page from Anglo-Saxon-Chronicle

Anglo-Saxon Chronicles

English monks began the manuscripts that comprise the Chronicles during the reign of King Alfred (871-899). The Chronicles are unusual because they were written largely in Old English vernacular...

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