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Hittite Empire

Secret passage and skeleton from Hittite period founding in Turkey

During the excavations in archeological site Alacahöyük in central Anatolia archeologists uncovered secret passage or some kind of tunnel.  At the same location, archeologists...
Hattusha gates

Old Hittite Kingdom 1650-1460 BC

The Hittites are Indo-European people, which in II Millennium BC penetrated into Asia Minor and started to reign over indigenous Proto–Indo-European. The Hittites founded,...
Hittites and Mitanni map

Hittite new empire (1430 – 1200 BC)

In 1595 BC Hittite ruler Mursili I (also Murshilish) went to Babylon, which was the largest military action during the Hittite Old Kingdom. After...

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