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Noah sending the dove. Mosaic from the Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice (XII-XIII century).

Noah and Ancient Flood Mythologies

In the New Testament Gospel of Matthew (24.37-39), Jesus compared the future “end of the age” with the times of Noah. Like Isaiah and...
Ruins of Pompeii from old postcard.

Pompeii, ancient city

The area of the ancient city Pompeii was firstly inhabited by the Neolithic population of the Campania who spoked Osci or Oscans language. The...
Example of Ostraca. Piece of pottery within names of persons who were expelled from Athens.

Ostracism, political practice in ancient Athens

In ancient Athens, there was an unusual method of condemning and banishing important political persons: it was voted by the Athenians in the so-called...
Illyrian gravestone


According to the Greek mythology quoted by Apollodorus, Illyrius was a founder of Illyrian genus. Illyrius was a son of Phoenician Cadmus and his...
Mummy in sarcophagus

Mummification in Ancient Egypt

Mummification, practiced by the ancient Egyptians, was used to preserve the body for the purpose of keeping the soul, or “ka”, intact for the...
Detail of wedding ceremony Ancient Egypt

Marriage in Ancient Egypt

Getting married in Ancient Egypt (as well as in other ancient civilizations) was important business because the family was considered the most valuable institution...

Ruins of Troy

Unlike other ancient ruins along Turkey’s Aegean coast, some of which are both imposing and intimidating, Troy appears the outcast, without imposing temples or remnant pillars soaring...
The Oracle of Delphi

Delphic Oracle and priestess Pythia

The Oracle of Delphi was a Greek center of shrine and predictions in Phocis (Central Greece) under the Mount Parnassus. For nearly a thousand years,...

Rome and Carthage Compared

Rome and Carthage differed in many ways including social, cultural, religious, and military aspects yet the final Punic War determined which power would survive....
Portrait of Cleopatra, Egyptian souvenir drawn on papyrus.

Cleopatra (51-30 BC) last Egyptian pharaoh

Hardly a ancient woman can fascinate as much as the Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra VII (born 69 BC) or queen of Ptolemaic Kingdom (founded in...
Map of ancient Ostia from Vatican Museum gallery. Photo by [Ken Trethewey, 2003]

Ancient Roman Port-City Ostia

For almost six hundred years, the Roman port of Ostia served as the chief conduit of trade between Rome and the rest of the...
Bust of Emperor Claudius from Naples National Archaeological Museum

Claudius, Roman Emperor (41-54 AD)

Tiberius Claudius Drusus was born in Lugdunum (Lyon) in Gaul on August 1, 10 BC, according to historical sources, as the second son of...

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