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Ancient Assyria

Map of Assyrian empire (around 1000BC)

Assyria – Territory and economy

Assyria occupies a small territory along the upper course of the river Tigris, the territory that stretched from the lower course of Zab in...
Axe with Adad Nirari I. Image from: www.http://cartelen.louvre.fr/cartelen/visite?srv=car_not_frame&idNotice=24897

First rise of Assyria (1365-900. BC)

In the XV century BC, Assyria was under the rule of Mitanni emperors. Mitanni emperor Shaushtatar defeated the Assyrians and taken the city Ashur,...
Ashur-nasir-pal-II relief in Brooklyn Museum. Image source: www.flickr.com/photos/wallyg/2440284976

Second rise of Assyria (884-612. BC)

Ashuranasirpal II (Ashur-nasir-pal)  (884-859 BC) made the foundations of military power in Assyria. Historians so far know 14 major campaigns in 24 years of...

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