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Neanderthal-recontruction-foto-by-Wolfgang Sauber

Neanderthal (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis)

The early human form of Homo sapiens neanderthalensis lived from about 400.000 to 30.000 years ago in Eurasia (Europe and Asia). This group of...
Engraving hunting Scene of deers in Valcamonica Valley. Foto: Luca Giarelli

Valcamonica, Camunian prehistoric culture

In the Camonica Valley above the lake Garda at the eastern Lombardy in Italy stone carving made by prehistoric humans were discovered at the...
The Palace of Knossos from the old postcard

Ancient Crete & Minoan Civilization

The Minoan civilization was named after the Greek mythical figure of King Minos, ruler of Crete. Legends still surrounding the earliest past of the...
Heated stone tools and weapons from prehistoric period. Source PLOS ONE

Stone processing with heating technique in prehistoric period

During the recently research about producing tools and weapons in the Upper Paleolithic and Middle stone age  scientist concluded that prehistoric humans around 65.000...
Example of hunting in Old stone age

Prehistoric cultures in American continent

It is known that major migrations of prehistoric humans across Beringia may have begun around 12.000 years ago. That is why the earliest Native...
Spreading prehistoric humans. Map: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Spreading_homo_sapiens_la.svg

Natural environment and human experience in prehistoric America

The presence of human beings in America begins almost 25.000 years ago. It was time when human beings lived in small, tribal groups called...
Dogu figurine from Jomon period - Tokyo National Museum

Jomon culture (Prehistoric Japan)

Humans had lived in Japan from about 30,000 B.C. Japan was not always an island. During the Ice Ages, it was connected to the...
Examples of cranial trauma identified in the mass grave.

Mass grave from neolithic period near province Hessen (Germany) reveals collective violence

Conflict and warfare are central but also disputed themes in discussions about the European Neolithic. Although a few recent population studies provide broad overviews,...
Flora and fauna in Quaternary period

Ice Age – Natural conditions and human appearance

In order to understand fully the physical world that humanity has inherited, we need to go back 70 million years of the Cenozoic era....
Theory of evolution

Theories about the origin and evolution of Humans

When it comes to the origin and development of man, there are two opposite opinions. One opinion is scientific and other is religious. Science...
Skull of Homo habilis

Brain size of the prehistoric humans

Intelligence is very roughly correlatable with brain size. As humans evolved, brain size increased dramatically. The shape of the homind skull changes dramatically as...
Example of living in Old stone age (Zdenek Burian)

Paleolithic – Old stone age

Palaeolithic, paleolithic (Greek: palaios-old and lithos-stone) or Old Stone Age   was period that fully coincide with Pleistocene Epoch. For this period were related first...

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