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Statue of the explorer Pytheas of Massalia in Marseille.

Short historical facts about Island (9-10 century)

In 330 BC an explorer Pytheas of Massalia tried to sail from today's Marseilles to the north in order to find how far the...
Wotan takes leave of Brunhild (1892) by Konrad Dielitz.

Short about Viking religion

The Viking society of the seventh to eleventh centuries, when Viking raids and ocean explorations were at their height, was a largely pagan society...
Reconstruction of the Viking village in Hadeby (Denmark)

The Different Levels of Viking Society

Viking society had several different tiers, ranging from the king, through to powerless slaves. Each person had a defined role in a society defined...
Viking ship in Oslo Museum

Vikings in Early European Medieval History

The reign of Charles the Great or Charlemagne is often referred to as a renaissance, a time when Western Europe sought recovery from the...
Viking weapons from National museum of Ireland

Viking Weapons

In the early medieval period, the Vikings were one of the most feared groups of people. Raids and wars were nothing new during the...

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