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Development of Charlemagne’s state

Charlemagne (Charles) was tall and strong; he was fond of physical exercises, hunting and was no heavy drinker. He spoke Frankish, Latin and a...
Miniature of Charlemagne and four kings in Poems and Romances (the 'Talbot Shrewsbury book'

Charlemagne or Charles the Great (768 – 814) – King of...

Pepin the Short died in 768. Shortly before his death he decided that his son Charles would rule over Austrasia and Neustria, while his...

Carolingian Dynasty (714-768)

Charles Martel (714 – 741) Pepin of Herstal died in 714 after uniting the Frankish state. His son Grimoald II died during Pepin’s lifetime. Nevertheless,...
Thomb of Clovis in the Basilica of St Denis (Paris)

The social system and rule under the Merovingians

The king was the ruler of the state and kingship was elective, but the only possible candidates were descendants of the Merovingian dynasty. Since...
Parchment from 15 century showing mariage of Sigebert and Brunhilda. Curent location: Bibliothèque nationale de France

History of the Franks (511-714 AD)

The Frankish kingdom was elective, but the election of the king was limited to the Merovingian dynasty. Since there was no distinction between state...
Clovis in the battle of Tolbiac by painter Ary Scheffer 19 century

The Franks (450-511 AD)

The Franks were a Germanic tribe; their ancient homeland was located around the western part of the Baltic Sea and in northern Germany. The...

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