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Ancient Hebrew seals discovered around Jerusalem

Ancient Hebrews Compared to Other Near East Cultures

The Ancient Hebrews saw themselves as “God’s chosen people.” Their monotheism separated them from all surrounding neighbors while their belief in God’s covenants offered...
David and Saul (oil on canvas by Julius Kronberg 1885.)

Israel and Judah (1027 – 930 BC)

The first Israel state-building period is the Period of judges (Sefer) - from entering into the Promised Land, to the election of the first...
Jeroboam, king of Israel in Bible

Israel and Judah (900-720 BC)

After Solomon's death, representatives of the northern tribes demanded the implementation of reforms, which Rehoboam promised them. He was Solomon's son. Since Rehoboam did...
Tunnels for water supply under Jerusalem during Hezekiah reign.

Judah (715-539 BC)

The fall of Samaria, Israel's capital, took place in 721 BC. Israel has become the province of Assyria, and Judah has preserved its independence,...

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