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Germanic Tribes

Paint represent assassination of Alboin, King of the Lombards by artist Charles Landseer (1799–1879).

Lombards (5-7th century)

The Lombards or Langobards were an Eastern Germanic tribe. Their presence was in southern Scandinavia. In the 1st century AD they were mentioned as...
Interpretation of the Normans by painter Albert Kretsschmer (19 century)

Normans and Normandy (793-1203)

The term Normans (latin Normanni) in Middle Ages used for members of Germanic tribes that coming from the "north" especially from Scandinavia. In 8 and 9...
Gundobad statue in Geneva (Switzerland)

Kingdom of the Burgundy (406-534)

The Burgundians were an east-Germanic tribe. Firstly they were settling around the Baltic Sea, and on the island Bornholm. They were driven from the...
Migrations of Germanic tribes (378-439). Source of Map: http://courses.wccnet.edu/~jrush/121outline10.html

Vandals (165-536 AD)

The Vandals were a east-Germanic tribe. They were settling around the Oder River area in the first century. They had two main groups, the...

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