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Neanderthal (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis)

The early human form of Homo sapiens neanderthalensis lived...

Valcamonica, Camunian prehistoric culture

In the Camonica Valley above the lake Garda at...

The purpose of the website is to present a short historical facts about the different historical processes and events.

The website presenting a known historical facts. Serves those visitors who want an easy way to find out about historical events and processes. Given content and images, on the webpage are carefully selected in order to help visitors to find on easier way what they looking for.

Date of publishing website: December 2015.

Mission: Make the global world history based on short historical facts from prehistoric times to the end of Second World War. Expand the network of enthusiasts for topic in the field of history.

Vision: To become a global base for a brief historical processes  from prehistoric times to the end of 20th century.

Author of the website: Alen Salihovic

About content of webpage

All texts (except short news section) are written on the basis of relevant historiographical literature for a particular historical epoch (List of used literature for creating articles of this site by author will be available at a later stage). Contents are used for educational purposes. When placing articles, administrator of this website always checking the accuracy of historical facts. When it comes to the oldest history (Prehistory and Ancient period) there are different interpretations of historians and archaeologists for some events and periods. Therefore, in some cases we can talk only about approximate date of some historical events, because for them there is no official data in historical sources. As history is not static, there are many controversial topics. The author of this site will always try to filter contents with political, national, religious or other negative connotations. If you find some articles that violates the rights of citizens or create hatred, you can send your suggestions for correction of such a text to info@shorthistory.org.

What is the difference between Short history website and other sites with a similar concept?

On the internet you can usually see websites like encyclopedic which they provide rich information’s about specific historical events. The lack of such sites is that the users in most cases should have a good knowledge of history in order to find specific historical period or event. Secondly, on such sites it is not possible to see the connection of other parallel historical processes. Unlike them, through this webpage those visitors who have little knowledge of history, can on easier way follow the historical events.

Also, on the Internet, you can find some specialized sites with the historical content. On these pages there is a too long contents, so you need to spend a lot of time to read it. On “Short History” website you can read just basic information about historical facts and processes.

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