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Buddha statue in Bodh Gaya

The Origins of Buddhism

From the seventh to the fifth centuries BC, India witnessed its most creative intellectual period in its history. It was a time of immense...
Ganges river. Image source: worldbeneaththefeet.com

Geographical conditions for the development of Ancient India

The most striking element of Indian geography is the natural barrier formed by the mountain ranges in the north of India. For India is...
Ruins of Harrapan city Mohenjo-daro

Harrapan culture and Indus Valley Civilization

India was one of the first regions to give birth to civilization. Agriculture seems to have come late to India, arriving around 5000 BC....

The Vedic period of Indian history

After the end of Harappan civilization the Vedic civilization or Aryans were a new start in Indian culture.  The Aryans adopted almost nothing of...

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