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Church in the Middle Ages

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The total surface area of Cathedral within interior an exterior is 5,500 m². Photo credited by Michael Streich

Gothic cathedrals

The rise of the Gothic form began in the mid 12th century. Gothic cathedrals, often taking decades to construct, began to appear in cities and...

Cathars or Albigensians in Middle Ages

The term Cathars comes from Greek word katharoi which means the pure ones. Cathars were also usually known as Albigensians because the city Albi in southern...
Pope Boniface VIII consulting his cardinals (manuscript from 14 century)

Historical Basis of Church Structure and Hierarchy in the Middle Ages

The Church in the Middle Ages forged a context to preserve integrity and structure. The rise and growth of Christianity in the Mediterranean world...
Mosaic Saints Augustine and Gregory

Pope Gregory the Great

Gregory the Great became pope in AD 590 at a time the western Church was desperate for a strong, wise leader. Under Pope Gregory...

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