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Statue of Luivigild in Madrid. Photograph: Luis Garcia

The Visigoths in Hispania, Kingdom of Toledo (555-633 AD)

The Visigoths were mostly pushed out of Gaul by the mid-6th century, and their interest shifted to the Iberian Peninsula. The peninsula was inhabited...
Statue of Visigothic king Ataulf.

Visigothic Kingdom (410-510 AD)

King Alaric I was succeeded by his son or cousin Ataulf (410-415). He led his people out of Italy and settled in Gaul, where...
Illustration showing Alaric in Athens 397 AD by Ludwig Thiersch from the book "Great men and famous women" 1894.

Alaric I (395-410) the first King of the Visigoths

Alaric descended from the aristocratic Balti dynasty. He gained his military abilities at the court of Roman Emperor Theodosius. The Visigoths united after the...
Migrations of the Visigoths and Ostrogoths

Beginning of Visigoths migration (4th century AD)

The Visigoths were a part of the Gothic tribe; they left Scandinavia and settled on the Baltic coast of what is nowadays Poland. Tacitus,...
Portrait of Ostrogothic king Totila (541-552) by painter Francesco Salviati (XVI century)

The Ostrogoths (526-544 AD) and their war against Eastern Roman Empire

Athalaric, the grandson of Theodoric the Great, was the supposed successor on the throne as king in Italy. But, since he was not of...
Mausoleum of Theodoric (king of Ostroghots) in Ravenna

Theodoric the Great as king of Italy (493 – 526)

King Theodoric led 100,000 Ostrogoths to Italy, about 20,000 of them were warriors. He settled them exclusively in northern Italy, on the former fiefs...
Map of Germanic tribes in 480 AD created by Thomas Lessman

Ostrogoths prior to their arrival in Italy

The Ostrogothic king Hermanarich (also Ermanaric 350 – 375 AD) formed a tribal alliance in the 4th century. It was composed of Germanic, Sarmatian...
Drawing shows bishop Ulfilas talking to Goths

Short historical facts about origin of the Goths and their migration

The Goths were part of the East Germanic tribes. Their ancient homeland was in Scandinavia. Jordanes, the bishop of Kroton, who claimed to be...

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