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Elam map

The term Persia and Medes empire

The term Persia has been used for centuries, mainly in the west, for determination of the southern Iran region, which was formerly known as...
Drinking horn (rhyton) from Acheamenid probabbly VI century BC. Image source: www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highlights/highlight_objects/me/f/fluted_silver_drinking_horn.aspx

The organization and economy of the Persian (Acheamenid) empire

The management of the Persian empire was centralized and organized as follows: Emperor The clerks, which in the Emperor's name managed individual branches of...
Cyrus II relief

Persian – Acheamenid empire (559-330 BC)

Cyrus II (559-530 BC) - He was the son of Anshan (southwester Iran) King Cambyses I and Medes Princess (Medes - northwestern Iran and...

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