Prehistory and Archeology

Example of living in Old Stone Age

Social relations in the Paleolithic period

The knowledge of the Palaeolithic social organization, especially Upper and Middle Palaeolithic are very scarce, and superficial. That is why stages, in which different...
Paleolithic living scene

Language and Spiritual culture in Old stone age

A development of the human spirit, especially in the Middle Paleolithic, contributed to the emergence of speech and language, art, religion and technical skill....
Reconstruction of shelter in Middle Stone age. Image source:

Mesolithic – Middle Stone Age

The first phase of the Holocene epoch coincides with the culture of the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age. Mesolithic is a transitional phase from...
Mesolithic living scene

Mesolithic Social life and Art

New way of hunting wild animals’ and new hunting weapons conditioned frequent movements of people, or change of their residence. This resulted in a...
Neolithic stone tools

Neolithic – New Stone age

The Neolithic Age is the second phase of Holocene geological epoch. It dates from around 6500 B.P. to about 4500 B.P. Climate conditions, flora...
Reconstruction of neolithic dugout shelter.

Economic transformation in the Neolithic period

Neolithic people, thanks to the mental strength, inventiveness and skill gradually adopted a new ways of economy, primarily in farming and livestock breeding, and...
Neolithic Community. Illustration by Francesc Ràfols. Source:

Neolithic Society

Neolithic people had a completely different life experience compared to their hunting predecessors from the time of the late Paleolithic period. This diversity was...
carving in stone example

Art and religion of Neolithic period

During the Neolithic period, there was a big turning point in the field of artistic creation. The Neolithic art, in relation to the Paleolithic...
Early Middle Bronze age in Europe. Image source:

Eneolithic – Copper and Bronze age

Constantly searching for the material that was necessary for the production of tools and weapons, man accidentally found the metal. It was copper. With...
Heads of bronze axes.

Economy of Eneolithic period

Eneolithic people after conquering production of metal tools significantly expanded the scope of their activities, and their work, which was done every day, became...

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