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Archaeologists excavate two hidden Roman baths beneath the streets of Bath



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In a dark passage below Bath, archaeologists have been excavating two hidden Roman baths for the first time since Professor Barry Cunliffe excavated them in the 1960s.

Archaeologists believe one of the baths dates to the first century AD and the other from the second.

Tantalizingly they thought they had found the floor of one of them, but the ground dipped away. Digital photography will however be used to produce a record of the surviving Roman walls, and help build an image of what the baths used to look like.

One of the baths will be protectively lined and filled with earth for use as a digging pit for school groups when it becomes an evocative route between the city’s famous Roman Baths and the Archway Centre, a new education centre which is due to open in 2019.

The new development will include a new Roman Baths Learning Centre above the former city laundry in Swallow Street and a World Heritage Site visitor centre at 10 York Street – adjacent to the Roman Baths site.

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