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Archaeologists in the Etruscan necropolis of Vulci in Italy have discovered a tomb with the remains of a woman



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The excavation was led by the Archaeological Superintendency for the Metropolitan Area of Rome, the Province of Viterbo and Southern Etruria; in cooperation with the Vulci Foundation and the contribution of the City of Montalto di Castro.

The tomb was found in the area known as Poggetto Mengarelli, where in recent months a nearby illegal excavation by looters led archaeologists to uncover the now-famous Tomb of the Golden Scarab, that of an Etruscan princess buried around 700 B.C., outfitted with jewelry made of bronze, silver, gold and amber.

Under the white limestone closure archaeologists found a funerary urn in tact with ashes of the woman buried in the tomb, together with a disk with a hole in the middle – a clear sign of activity linked to spinning cloth – as well as a set of 12 vases, one with a painted geometric decorative motif of the “red on white” type, and five bronze crescent-shaped fibulae (brooches or clasps).

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