Call for writters

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If you like the idea and content of the site and if you want to contribute your knowledge in the field of history, we will be happy to publish your essays under the following conditions:

  1. Article that you send should contain a maximum of 2500 words. If the article is longer than 2500 words you need to specify the subheadings.
  2. Together with the article you need to attach at least one image (format jpg, gif, png).
  3. The administrator of a web portal reserves the right to revise the text if noticed technical errors or sentences that are not understandable.
  4. Essays needs to contain short historical facts about a particular historical event, person or historical process.
  5. Content from other websites not allowed unless you are personally the author.
  6. Historical facts in the articles will be carefully reviewed and if we noticed inappropriate content, the article will not be published.
  7. Content must not contain racism, political connotations or any other hatred.

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