Ancient History

Londinium Bridge (Museum of London)

Ancient Britannia under the Roman rule and development of Londinium

From the reconnaissance of Julius Caesar in 55 BC, to what is called the "Saxon Advent" in 49 AD, the lands of England, Scotland...
Ancient Egyptian Gods Horus (left), Osiris (middle), Isis (right).

Osiris the God of Egyptian Resurrection

Osiris may have been an early Egyptian king whose triumphs inspired myth and legends that eventually portrayed him as a god who defied death...
Ruins of Ephesus

Short about ancient libraries

Ancient libraries are as old as the first early Near East civilizations. Nineveh, the Assyrian capital, boasted the largest ancient library. The rise of...
Ploughing with a yoke of horned cattle in Ancient Egypt from the burial chamber of pharaoh Sennedjem

What food and drink were Ancient Egyptians consumed?

About 450 B.C., the Greek historian Herodotus wrote that Egypt was a gift of the Nile. Indeed, for the Ancient Egyptians the river was...
Etruscan sarcophagus example


Origins of the Etruscans Etruscans period in the Italy history began around the VIII century BC.  There are three theories about the Etruscans origin: The...
Nefertiti bust. Collection of Egyptian museum Berlin

Queen Nefertiti of Egypt

Nefertiti rose from obscurity to become the wife of a pharoah, co-founder of a religion, king maker and then virtually disappeared from history. Early Life The...
Ancient Egyptian Gods Horus (left), Osiris (middle), Isis (right).

Ancient Egyptian Religion

The relationship of the believer with the gods in Ancient Egypt was particularly loose. There was no set of doctrines or a central book...
Nile River flooding example

The Nile River in Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Egypt was the "gift of the Nile," benefiting agriculturally from the flow of the river downward as it deposited silt along its banks, creating...

Democracy of the Ancient Athens

Democracy in Ancient Greece is most frequently associated with Athens where a complex system allowed for broad political participation by the free male citizens...
Lycurgus statue in the Brussels courthouse.

Why did Sparta lose power over time ?

Since the Dorian invasions of Greece in the 10th century BC and the law giving of the possibly mythical Lycurgus, Sparta had been the...
The Colossi of Memnon at Madīnat Habu in Thebes, Egypt

Ancient Egyptian cities Thinis and Thebes

Tjenu or as it was also known by its Greek variations, Thinis or This, is related of the Archaic Period of Egyptian history. Thinis...
Example of Hyksos Warriors

Horse in Ancient Egypt

The horse is not native to ancient Egyptians and the exact date of its introduction to the country is not certain. The horse is...

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