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Second Intermediate Period of Egypt (1.773 – 1.650 B.C)



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The history of this period is almost impossible to write exactly. In the sources of this period were names of rulers, but even their order is very uncertain.

After XII Dynasty Egypt was divided again. At the same time XIII I XIV Dynasty ruled. One Dynasty was from Thebes, while other was from Ksois in Delta. Most of these rulers were usurpers and not many of them had died of natural causes. A prosperity that was achieved in the XII Dynasty was destroyed very quickly in these battles. Egypt was an easy target for attackers from the north.

THIRTENTH DYNASTY (from Lisht) (1.773 – after 1.650)

According to Manetho, this dynasty was consisted out of sixty-Thebes rulers who ruled for 453 years. Although many monuments of this Dynasty were discovered in Thebes, historians considered that its capital was in the north in Lisht.

Ugaf, Amenemhat V

His grave was found near the pyramid of Amenemhat III. in Dahshur, with whom he was probably related by blood.

Amenemhat VI

Khendjer (Userkare)
Khendjer is a Semitic origin name, and historians only know about him that he built in Saqqara a small pyramid.

Neferhotep I
His reign was the most stable time of this dynasty.

He was Neferhotep’s son; even the shift to the throne was made quietly. Neferhotep’s brother succeeded him.

Sobekhotep II, III

Sobekhotep IV
During his reign, there was a relative peace in the country (at least as far for the south). In Hellenistic writings About the Jews, it was written that during his reign many kings ruled Egypt, and that he ruled only the area, which is located in the south of Memphis.

Sobekhotep V

FOURTEENTH (Ksois) DYNASTY (1.773 – 1650)

According to Manetho 76 Ksois rulers have ruled the Egypt.

A number of little-known rulers

It is believed that these dynasties happened at the same time, which means that the country was divided again.