Ancient History

Peloponnesian League and Second Athens league around 377-355 BC

Spartan hegemony (404-371 B.C) after the Peloponnesian War

After the spartan king Lysander defeated Athenian fleet at the naval Battle of Aegospotami in 405 BC, the Athens finally lost the Peloponnesian War. Sparta became...
Orchomenus theatre

Theban hegemony over Greece (371-362 BC)

In Boeotia (region of the central Greece in ancient times known as a large crop area), dozen city-states were established. The most oldest and...
A fanciful reconstruction of Phidias' statue of Zeus, in an engraving made by Philippe Galle in 1572, from a drawing by Maarten van Heemskerck.

Ancient Greek religion

The ancient Greeks were much indulged in dark theological thinking. They loved more a myth and performed a cult. They had no a special...

Ancient Greek games

Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece, the Peloponnese, in the Olympia, as a series of athletic competitions (in the beginning; of the art in...
Hesiod bust

Short about ancient Greek poetry, drama and philosophy

POETRY Epic - best known as Homer's epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey. They belong to the Trojan cycle, which was also composed of: Cypria,...
Pyramids in ancient city Meroe (today in Sudan territory)

Kingdom of Kush and their relations with the Egyptians

Kingdom of Kush was the second African civilization after Egypt built by an Egypt people who lived between the Nile River's first and third...
Ruins of ancient Memphis

The Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt (2.686 – 2.181 BC)

This is a period when Egypt became stronger in all aspects of civilization and transformed into an organized state. The ruler's power is based...
Temple of Artemis Sparta

Short about ancient Greek architecture and sculpture

ARCHITECTURE Greek temple was the house of God, apartment anthropomorphic deities. Temple was basic shaped of Mycenaean and Trojan megaron, a rectangular room with a large...
Pyramids in Egypt

Facts about famous Egyptian pyramids

Ancient Egyptians believed that a man is composed of different elements some of which were immortal. Egyptians saw death as termination of life, as...
Scribe palette of the chancellor Orkaukhety, with the cartouche of Merikare.Picture from:

First Intermediate period of Egypt (2.181 – 2.055 B.C)

Exact reasons for the end of the Old Kingdom are not familiar. It is assumed that the crisis in the country could be caused...
Nebhepetre statue

Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2.055 – 1.650 B.C)

ELEVENTH DYNASTY The first ruler of the Eleventh dynasty was Antef (also Intef) of Thebe. The seat of the dynasty was in fact Hermonthis in...
Mentuhotep I Temple ruins

Art and Architecture of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt

The Kings of the Twelfth Dynasty started again to build pyramids. In Lisht Amenemhat I and Sesostris I (son next to a father) ...

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