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Portrait of Heinrich Schliemann. Heidelberg University Library

Heinrich Schliemann, archaeologist pioneer

Over 50 biographies and numerous books on individual aspects of Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890) life now exist. Critics described him as a charlatan and a fraud. His...
Robin_Hood_statue in Nottingham

Robin Hood in Historical Context

The image of Robin Hood, who “took from the rich and gave to the poor,” is legendary, made more so by many re-tellings of...
Ruins of Ephesus

Short about ancient libraries

Ancient libraries are as old as the first early Near East civilizations. Nineveh, the Assyrian capital, boasted the largest ancient library. The rise of...
Black Death in London 1665.

Black death or black plague – short facts

Black Death or Black Plague (latin: mors atra) is the name for one of the most pandemics in the history. A highly infectious disease...
Chess Pieces from London Museum.

Short historical facts about chess game

The exact origin of chess is a mystery. The oldest clearly recognizable Chess pieces have been excavated in ancient Afrasiab, today's Samarkand, in Uzbekistan....
Cacao tree

A brief history of chocolate

Chocolate was first produced in Mesoamerica as far back as pre Columbian Indian tribes. It was then primarily consumed as a beverage. In pre-Columbian...

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